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Where do you store your recipes?

I’ve been storing my recipes for nearly 10 years now, some are adaptations from my favourite books, others are cut from magazines and the majority are from trial and error in my kitchen.

I do understand that it’s probably easier to keep my recipe collection on my computer or on a usb memory stick but I prefer to flick through a book rather than scroll down a word document.

I currently have 8 filled books in my collection, I love finishing a book and starting a new one, I probably should have written them in some sort of order but I guess it makes reading one of my books fun and interesting as you don’t know what you might find.

My latest purchase is a Recipe folder from Paperchase, I love the pattern, there are lots of useful sections and plenty of pages for me to scribble on.

The printed pages make writing up a recipe so much easier, I do admit that some of my other books are very messy!

The tabs ensure that the recipes in this book will be organised unlike my other pick and mix books.

How do you store your recipes?