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The Mock Turtle Leamington Spa

If you’re local to Warwickshire you probably know all about The Jabberwocky which supplies awesome street food to the region in the form of gourmet toasted sandwiches.  Toasted sandwiches I hear you say, but there isn’t anything special about them!  You would be wrong if that’s what you think because when I think of The Jabberwocky and the sandwiches they offer, the words special, awesome and out of this world have all come out of my mouth after eating them.  Anyone who knows me will know that The Reuben would be my last meal whether it be a sandwich, burger or hotdog and The Reuben toastie from the Jabberwocky is my favourite – I can taste it now. Delicious.

So you may be wondering why the title of this post is The Mock Turtle when I’ve been talking about The Jabberwocky? Well The Mock Turtle is the younger sibling of The Jabberwocky, Leamington Spa’s newest street food restaurant and café.  I’m so lucky to live here in Leamington, we have some fabulous cafes and restaurants and it’s nice to see a good one out of the town centre.

queensway court

You can find The Mock Turtle on the ground floor of Queensway Court on The Queensway which is a new independent living apartment complex however it’s open to the public and isn’t exclusive to the residents.

I was invited to pop down and sample The Mock Turtle for myself, It’s actually a perfect space for families to visit especially in the café area which is extremely spacious and could fit a lot of pushchairs if you were popping down with an NCT birth group or nursery friend meet ups.

Mock Turtle space

Baby Gourmand loved using the space to roam around in although if the café was full of older residents I’m not sure how they would react to my whirlwind as he does sometimes give the impression of being a caged animal when he is let loose.

Mock Turtle dining room

If you’re after something a bit more substantial than a toastie or piece of cake The Mock Turtle also have a restaurant where you can order a more substantial meal and I’ve heard they do an awesome Sunday roast.

We opted for a late lunch so decided to eat in the café rather than the restaurant, Baby Gourmand was enjoying himself too much for formal dining.

mock turtle

Mock Turtle Board

I love the comfy chairs in the café which are incredibly inviting and surprisingly comfortable, I could quite happily have sat there nursing a baby.  The modern look of the counter area is sleek and a little industrial looking which I love, you can see everything happening, the menu is easy to read and the cakes and sweet treats are well displayed.


chicken parm Italian summer


We decided to share two toasties, the Italian Summer (£3.50) which was mozzarella, roast peppers and basil pesto and the Chicken Parm (£4) which was chicken, mozzarella, garlic, slow roasted tomatoes and parmesan.  Both sandwiches were incredibly delicious and neither myself or Mr Gourmand could decide which one we liked best.  Baby Gourmand was partial to the Italian Summer which surprised me as he is a garlic fiend so I assumed he would prefer the chicken.

I love the caramelised taste of the bread, it’s like eating sweetened fried bread which I love.  The fillings complemented each other so well and each component inside of the toastie could be tasted.


The chips (£2.50) Where do I start? They were delicious.  Utterly delicious, hot, sweet and seasoned perfectly.  They reminded us of chips we used to get from Roberto’s Italian restaurant in Newcastle evoking fond memories of home.  It’s funny how food can do that sometimes isn’t it?

Coffee cake mock turtle

We had to finish off with a piece of the delicious coffee cake (£2.50). Moist, flavourful and the perfect ratio of cake to buttercream.

You can’t get more child friendly than The Mock Turtle, I can see it becoming incredibly popular with parents meeting up and families in the school holidays and at weekends.  There are high chairs available but if your children are anything like Baby Gourmand they will prefer to play on the floor with their toys or sit on the comfy chairs like a ‘big person’.  I’m looking forward to our next visit to The Mock Turtle which won’t be long as I’m craving the toasties already!

queensway court

There is plenty of parking as shown.  It is a little confusing when you first arrive in the car park as to where the café actually is, we saw the chalkboard as we turned in but couldn’t see any signage from the carpark.  You actually just walk through the entrance doors and you’re in the café foyer so don’t be put off if you’re passing and can’t see where to go.

Disclaimer: I received a gift voucher to use as part payment.  All words, opinions and experiences are my own.