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The End of the Traditional Dinner

I consider myself to be adventurous in the kitchen, I enjoy experimenting with tastes and textures but I don’t always have time and that’s when I cook traditional meals, things that my mother and my grandparents cooked.

Today I read a piece that said “Lancashire hot pot, kedgeree and liver and bacon – are among a list of British meals which could soon be consigned to the history books” really? Am I the only one who still loves to make steak and kidney pudding? Kedgeree is a dish that both my children adore and Mr Gourmand is a huge fan of Gammon and pineapple (although he also likes a fried egg with his).  Could this really be the end of the traditional dinner?

Traditional Dinner

Researchers have discovered that a staggering 91 percent of the nation now claim to prefer “world food” to traditional British meals, with a further 73 percent saying the days of us sitting down to a dinner of meat and two veg are pretty much over.  I feel quite old fashioned reading this because sometimes I want nothing more than lamb chops, carrots, cabbage and potato which is something that my grandparents ate every Wednesday.  I don’t always fancy curry, pasta, chilli or Chinese food, sometimes I need something comforting that envokes childhood memories like corned beef hotpot.

According to research by Deliveroo, many much loved favourites could soon be consigned to the history books, with 70 percent of modern Brits having never tasted traditional British dish Devilled Kidneys (lamb kidneys cooked in Worcester sauce and mustard butter) now I have to admit here that I’ve never eaten a devilled kidney and I’m not sure I want to but to read that 36 percent have never sampled a steak and kidney pudding has shocked me.  For me a suet pudding is the ultimate in comfort food.  I don’t even need anything to accompany it just lashings of gravy and i’m in heaven.  This has got me wondering if people no longer buy pudding basins?

Almost two in ten modern Brits have never eaten Shepherd’s Pie, a quarter (24 percent) have not tasted a fish pie and 65 percent are unfamiliar with the classic smoked haddock, rice and egg dish, Kedgeree.  This I find unfathomable.  Shepherd’s pie and fish pie are dishes that you find in the ready meal section of Marks and Spencer and most pubs offer these as a standard choice so how have so few tasted them?


1. Devilled kidneys (70 percent OF Brits have never tried it)
2. Kedgeree (65 percent)
3. Potted shrimps (59 percent)
4. Suet pudding (55 percent)
5. Liver and bacon (54 percent)
6. Faggots (53 percent)
7. Steak and kidney pudding (36 percent)
8. Lancashire hot pot (34 percent)
9. Bubble and Squeak (34 percent)
10. Gammon and pineapple (29 percent)
11. Fish pie (24 percent)
12. Toad in the Hole (23 percent)
13. Ham, egg and chips (21 percent)
14. Mince and potatoes (19 percent)
15. Shepherd’s Pie (15 percent)

The research was conducted by Deliveroo to mark their Taste Tour campaign where people can win the chance to visit the city that inspired their favourite dish.
A spokesperson commented on the research:

“Deliveroo customers love foods from across the world and that’s why we’ve launched our Taste Tours campaign, so they can enjoy their favourite meal in the place it came from.  To win a holiday to food capital of the world customers just need to click the ‘Win A Taste Tours’ button and order from one of the participating restaurants”

* Deliveroo now offers customers the choice of 80 (81 if counting alcohol) different cuisine types, so there is something for everyone on the app.

For the next 8 weeks customers will just need to click the ‘WIN A TASTE TOUR’ button and order from a participating restaurant to be in for a chance to win a holiday to the home of their favourite Deliveroo dish. Customers just need to order a specific country’s cuisine and Deliveroo might transport them to that country.

Out of the 15 listed above how many have you never tasted? for me it’s 2 the Devilled Kidneys and the Faggots.  8 of the 15 are regular dishes on our dining table.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote this, I was just shocked at the results and wanted to share the findings