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Hei Hei – Newcastle upon Tyne

Hei Hei is situated at 46 Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, it’s a blink and you will miss it kind of restaurant but definitely worth looking out for.

We visited Hei Hei during happy hour which offers 1 course for £5.50 or 2 courses for £7.50, of course we opted for the 2 courses.

We arrived at Hei Hei just as it had opened for evening service meaning we were the only people in the restaurant, this soon changed and by the time we had finished our meal the restaurant was half full with diners.

I started with Crispy Wantons which were filled with minced prawns, served with sweet and sour sauce.  The Wantons were perfectly filled and cooked to perfection.  Mr Gourmand managed to steal a Wanton from me as the crispy prawn parcels proved to be too tempting to resist.

Mr Gourmand’s starter was the Hot and Sour soup which was filled to the brim with shrimp, pork, bean curd, green peas, chinese mushrooms and red chilli.  Mr Gourmand has had numerous bowls of Hot and Sour soup in various restaurants before which have all been fairly similar, he couldn’t quite put his finger on what was different about this bowl of soup.

Both of us left clean plates after our starters and Mr Gourmand admitted that his soup had filled him up more than expected.

I chose the King Prawn with Salt and Peppercorn spices for my main course, this was cooked with onions and peppers and served with a portion of fragrant steamed rice.  When I first saw the dish I was worried that it wouldn’t be filling but the amount of rice was actually deceiving and once I started eating it I soon realised that I was going to be very full.  The spices used complemented each other well and the heat was just right for my palate.

Mr Gourmand picked the Chonqin diced spring chicken with sichuan pepper and dried chilli lantern peppers.  Mr Gourmand hadn’t realised that the dish would be deep fried and was slightly worried that the dish would be very dry to eat.  The chicken was tender and moist and tasted delicious with the hot spices.  This is not a dish for the faint hearted and was actually the hottest dish on the happy hour menu.

I would not hesitate to return to Hei Hei during happy hour, if you’re ever on Dean Street in Newcastle upon Tyne between 12.00 – 2.00pm or 5.15 – 6.30pm I urge you to try it out for yourself.