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Yo! Sushi Leamington Spa

Sushi is a favourite of the Gourmands, even Baby Gourmand likes to get in on the action so when we were invited to try some of the new Tokyo menu items we jumped at the chance (literally).  To be perfectly honest you don’t have to love raw fish to enjoy Yo! Sushi which may surprise some people, there is so much more on offer and hopefully this post will make fish-o-phobes realise that there’s more to Yo! Sushi than sushi.

Yo Sushi Leamington Spa

The Leamington Spa branch is situated in Regents Court which is the perfect place to grab lunch or dinner and is one of my favourite places to eat as there is so much on offer.  The Leamington branch of Yo! Sushi isn’t huge so booking is probably a good idea if you have plans to visit.

Yo Sushi, Tokyo menu

The Hoisin duck rolls (£4.45) are filled to brim with duck and cucumber with a delicious spring onion, hoisin and orange sauce for dipping it’s new to the menu and both of my children would love these. (117 calories)

I must admit that I love some of the names on the new menu like the fish no chip roll (£4.45) which is basically Japanese seabass tempura, onion, cucumber and wasabi sauce filled rice, this was a particular favourite of mine because it’s incredibly simple but so tasty. (139 calories)

kimchi ika

Now the first two dishes were good but it wasn’t until I tasted the Kimchi Ika (£4.00) that the new menu really stood out for me.  I’ve tried to make Kimchi at home as it’s basically the same process as making sauerkraut but my version is pretty rubbish compared to this.  (71 calories)

Some of our other favourites included the Potato Salad (£2.00) which may seem like a bit of an odd dish but it does really need to be tasted to be appreciated (210 calories), the Dynamite Rolls (£4.00)  which are super hot but super delicious (168 calories), the Teriyaki salmon (£4.45 which is simple, sweet and tasty (222 calories) and the Chicken Chahan (£4.00) which is an incredibly tasty fried rice (411 calories)

The new menu is a great accompaniment to the range of dishes already produced by Yo! Sushi, the flavours are fresh and flavourful and there is something for everyone whether you’re a sushi lover or not.

Have you tried any of the new dishes yet? Which ones appeal to you?

Yo Sushi – Leamington Spa

Yo! Sushi recently opened in Leamington Spa and the Gourmand family went along during the opening weekend to check it out. We’re a family of Sushi lovers and have visited Yo! Sushi branches in Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham and London so to have a branch in our town is very exciting for us.

Yo Sushi leamington spa

Situated in Regent Court in the centre of town which is a pedestrianised street filled with a great selection of restaurants and shops, Yo! Sushi offers a fantastic range of hot and cold dishes, it’s not all just about the raw fish!

Decor Yo Sushi Leamington

I love the décor inside this particular branch which has a mixture of industrial and cosmic influences as you can see in the picture above, there is a lot of stainless steel and the orbs hanging from the ceiling really captured Baby Gourmands attention (and mine too if I’m being honest).

Yo Sushi kitchen

As with all Yo! Sushi restaurants you can see the chef’s at work thanks to the open kitchen, the conveyor belt is huge and I love the buzzer noises at this branch.

Table yo sushi

Tables are set as standard and feature all of the usual condiments like Pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Miso Soup

We started with some Miso Soup (£2.20) which contains seaweed, tofu, spring onion in a soy bean broth you can have unlimited refills of this soup which is fantastic value for money and incredibly tasty.

Cucumber maki

Mini Gourmand loves to select dishes from the conveyer belt and Cucumber Maki (£1.90) is one of her favourite dishes, Baby Gourmand was quite partial to these himself.

Popcorn Shrimp Tempura

We asked for a couple of recommended dishes and the first of the dishes we tried was the Popcorn Shrimp Tempura (£4.30), this was a new dish for us and incredibly delicious so much so that our chopsticks were fighting for the last piece.

Vegetable firecracker Rice

Mini Gourmand decided she liked the look of the Vegetable firecracker rice (£2.50) which was rather delicious although Mini Gourmand slightly underestimated the heat, Mr Gourmand and myself finished this off for her.  Firecracker by name and Firecracker by nature.

Beef and garlic teriyaki

Our second recommended product was the Beef and Garlic Teriyaki which was by far my favourite dish, the glaze on the beef was so tasty and one piece just wasn’t enough.

fruit salad

Baby Gourmand started to get a little cranky so to keep him quiet we picked a plate of Fresh fruit (£3.40) which he devoured, it’s really nice to see fresh pineapple included in a fruit salad rather than tinned.

Salmon selection

The Salmon Selection (£5.00) was our next dish, this was extremely good value for money and tasted so fresh.  It always surprises me how the most simplistic of dishes can often be the most tastiest.

Teriyaki chicken

Mr Gourmand took a shine to the Chicken Teriyaki (£3.90) which was succulent due to the meat being thigh rather than breast which can often be a little dry.  The sticky sweet sauce really complimented the chicken and the crisp white cabbage was a nice addition to the dish.

Scallop Katsu

Our final dish was the Scallop Katsu which was served with the most delicious wasabi mayonnaise which gave a fabulous kick.  Scallops are one of my most favourite things to eat however I’m often scared to order them when I go out as they are often very overcooked.  On this occasion the scallops were sweet, succulent and cooked to perfection.

plates Yo Sushi

It’s always deceiving how filling the food at Yo! Sushi actually is, between the 4 of us we had 8 plates of food and 4 bowls of Miso Soup and we were stuffed, we didn’t even manage any Mochi which is Mini Gourmands favourite.

baby gourmand

Baby Gourmand loved the futuristic highchairs in Yo! Sushi which were a perfect size for him and had just enough space for his colouring book and crayons.  The restaurant is very child friendly and the staff are great with children of all ages, one member of staff even helped me to secure Baby Gourmand into the highchair and showed me how the straps worked.

During our visit people were queuing at the door for a table, there were a mixture of all ages in the restaurant and it looked extremely popular.  Each time I have walked past since my initial visit it has been bustling so there is no doubt in my mind that Yo! Sushi made a great decision by opening a branch in Leamington Spa.  We will definitely be visiting again as a family and will be using the takeaway service very soon.

Disclamier: All food consumed during our visit was complimentary, our thoughts and feelings about the visit are honest and impartial.


YO! Sushi

When it comes to fast food, YO! Sushi is probably Mini Gourmand’s favourite.

Blue Monday’s are my favourite time to visit as a selection of dishes are discounted to £2.40 per plate.

I don’t really have too much to say about YO! Sushi, the food is standard and quite expensive for what you get.

Having said that, I do love the hairy prawns and squid!

Here is a selection of the food that Mini Gourmand and I consumed during our last visit.

Spicy Chicken ISO. Crispy chicken, katsu sauce and shichimi powder (Japanese chilli). (£3.00)

Duck Gyoza & Moromi Miso. Duck dumplings with moromi miso sauce.  (£4.00)

 Spicy Pepper Squid. Hot coils of spicy pepper squid topped with red chilli. (£3.50)

Hairy Prawns. Prawns wrapped in kadaifi pastry with wasabi mayonnaise. (£4.00)

Spicy Chicken. Spicy chicken salad with ginger and garlic  (£3.50)

Crispy Duck Futomaki.  Shredded duck, sliced cucumber and spring onion with moromi miso sauce (£4.00)

Mini Gourmand enjoying the fresh fruit which contains Strawberries, Grapes, Pineapple and Melon (£3.00)