Al Sulttan – Newcastle upon Tyne

Al Sulttan Lebanese restaurant on Newcastle’s west road is probably one of my favourite restaurants in the whole of Tyne and Wear,  the reason I’ve never reviewed it before and I’m not going to on this occasion either is because I’ve never been able to tear myself away from the buffet and let’s be honest no one likes to look at a plate that has 15 different dishes slopped on it do they?

I managed to restrain myself on this occasion to take a picture of some of the meze dishes available in the buffet which features not only Lebanese dishes but indian too.  The picture above features, Hoummos, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Olives, Labneh, Falafel, Vegetable Samosa and Onion Bhaji.

I will try and compose myself enough to have a meal from the menu rather than the buffet so I can do a proper review of the restaurant in the future!

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