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I remember being around 8 and begging my mum to let me make Angel Delight at home, we didn’t have dessert very often as my mum preferred us to have a piece of fruit after dinner so to be allowed to make a packet of instant dessert was a real treat.


Chocolate was and still is my favourite flavour, it’s so versatile and super quick and easy to make when you’re in need of a quick chocolate fix.

Angel Delight


The new Bubblegum flavour of Angel Delight recently launched in Tesco and I couldn’t wait to whip up some desserts for my family using it.  The bubblegum flavour is made only using natural colourings and is suitable for vegetarians.  Angel Delight is super easy to make, just take a sachet and mix with milk, leave for ten minutes to set and voila you are ready to eat.

Angel Delight Cheesecake Angel Delight



The first dish I made was a Bubblegum cheesecake which was basically layers of crushed biscuit, chopped strawberries and angel delight folded in to whipped cream.  Mini Gourmand ate two portions of this because she found it so delicious, she didn’t realise that the creamy mousse was Angel Delight.

Angel Delight Dessert

My second dish was Angel Delight made the traditional way topped with strawberries, everyone loved the new flavour including Baby Gourmand.  Mr Gourmand liked it so much that he requested the remainder of the Angel Delight be used to make a milkshake.

Angel Delight is actually very versatile and makes an incredible ice-cream which is how I like to use my leftovers.


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  1. Kate Holmes says:

    Like the idea of the ice-cream and your desserts are so pretty. Commenting for myself an don behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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