Baked Pappardelle

Baked pappardelle


This dish came together in around 45 minutes when I realised lunchtime was approaching and Mini Gourmand would be wanting something to eat when she came home, of course Baby Gourmand would be banging his spoon in anticipation.

I had a 500g pack of mince from the butchers in the freezer but knew I didn’t have enough time to make lasagne so after a quick rummage in the cupboard I found a pack of Pappardelle pasta and decided to do a kind of baked pasta dish.  I filled a pan with water for the pasta and while that was boiling I dry fried the mince in a pan.  realising I had nothing to go with it as the fridge only contained salad ingredients and fruit I found a couple of bags of birds eye Mediterranean vegetables with basil butter which went in with the mince, to this I added half a carton of passata, black pepper and a squeeze of tomato purée.  Once my sauce and pasta were cooked I layered it in an oven proof dish and topped with mozzarella before popping in into the oven until the cheese was melted and Baked Pappardelle was born.

The dish took 45 minutes from thought process to in the mouth which wasn’t bad by my standards and was rather yummy if I do say so myself, clean plates all round said the family felt the same and there is even some left over for lunch tomorrow.

I do admit that these throw it in a pan and hope for the best dishes are always the most tasty and seem to be becoming a frequent way of cooking in this household.  Before I started writing my book I always consulted recipe books or tried tested dishes that I knew worked but now I’m rebellious and try things much to the disgust of Mini Gourmand that don’t always work and quite often fall in the risky category when it comes to flavour combinations.

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