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Cafe 1901 is situated in the old church hall on St Georges terrace in Jesmond.  I must admit I wasn’t very pleased when this cafe first opened as the youth club my daughter used to attend was closed down because of the cafe, I guess money is more important than community for the owners of the church? Anyway I digress, that was a few years ago and I’ve visited the cafe a few times with my mother and always been on the fence about the place so I decided to take Mr Gourmand for a coffee.

The cafe has huge high ceilings which are very impressive, I do apologise for the darkness of the photographs, the hall has very low lighting and it’s really difficult to get a good photo.  This kind of place always makes me feel really tired, they could do with some natural light lightbulbs!

There is a large range of drinks, cakes, hot and cold food on offer but if I’m being honest I think it’s rather expensive!

Mr Gourmand ordered a flat white coffee (£2.00) an odd choice for him as the Filter Coffee is usually the coffee of choice for the Gourmands!

I had my usual filter coffee (£2.00) it was nice coffee but nothing special as coffee goes.

I decided to have a slice of coffee and walnut cake (£3.00)  unfortunately the sponge was rather dry, I would have liked to have more buttercream sandwiching the cake together rather than the inch of icing on the top (yes an inch, I measured it).

Mr Gourmand had a cheese scone (£2.20) I can never understand why cafes serve microwaved warm cheese scones, I’d rather have mine cold as the microwave makes a scone taste like cardboard which this one did!

On this occasion I wasn’t impressed with Cafe 1901, there are many better places out there to go for a quick cup of coffee and a cake!

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  1. Tim Boyers says:

    Madame gourmand. We are sorry that you think cafe1901 is expensive and that the homemade coffee cake and scone were not to your liking. We also agree that a scone is not at it’s best when warmed up especially as they are made fresh on the premises every day. However most customers ask for it warmed up and as you know the customer is always right. Our cakes are not usually dry as they are also made on the premises. We are a little concerned and think a tad unfair that you think our coffee and food is expensive, especially considering that even though we only use the top 2 to 3 percent beans in the world we are still cheaper than the big name chains which use much inferior quality beans and indeed many of the other coffee shops which you recommend on your blog? Indeed at £2 our flat white is 40p cheaper than most of the better quality independent coffee houses in the city. Our award winning coffee won best espresso in Scotland for the last two years running so it must have some element of quality. It is unfortunate that you do not seem to have anything positive to say about cafe 1901, however we do have many many regular customers who do not share your opinion. Of course your one off experience is also not acceptable to us, however it does not a bad cafe make, and is certainly not a representative experience of the vast majority of our customers. We are a small family run business that strives to cook and serve the very best quality at very reasonable prices. We take into account your thoughts and can only continue to reach for the stars even if occasionally we miss and hit the moon.

    • Daniella says:

      Thank you for your comments, I would be more than happy to visit cafe 1901 again to see if my opinion has changed.

      Speaking as someone who has worked as an auditor in the food and drink industry for over 10 years I think I am qualified to say that you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try to either.

      If everyone liked the same thing, had the same expectations and opinions the world would be a very boring place.

    • katie @ says:

      As a local reader and follower of this blog, I am both shocked & disappointed to see the level of unprofessionalism you have displayed by publically lambasting Madame Gourmand on her blog when there ways and means that would have been more suitable to iron out any issues. It seems petty and inappropriate for you to have responded in this manner

      Food industry reviews are always very subjective and personal. Some of the highest ranked establishments and chefs in the world have been slated yet people still go as one persons 5* experience is another persons nightmare. You cannot dictate how personal opinions should fall or bring previous reviews on other brands in to question.

      Us readers appreciate honest reviews, whether it’s good or bad. It’s MY choice to make a visit or not at the end of the day, and sadly after your comment response to the post, I will NOT be visiting nor recommending it to anyone I know. Heaven forbid I should be berated in the same manner if I was to find my visit less than exemplary.

      I think you yourself will have done more damage to your reputation and find standing by publically commenting in such a poor fashion, than Madame Gourmand’s honest review ever could.

  2. Rgibb says:

    Whatever you have audited (repeatedly recording data as far as I can remember..?) if you publicly criticise a business that represents someones livelihood you should expect and indeed welcome a response. If you do not then you have no business reviewing anything. Ever.
    CAFE 1901s response was measured and non-personal and as you point out one can choose whether to go there or not. By demanding a private response to a publicly published and unedited blog you miss the point by a stratospheric margin.

    • Daniella says:

      Thank you for your comment, I don’t remember asking for a private response? I also stated in my response that I would be happy to visit the cafe again.

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