Firenze Jesmond

Firenze is situated in the courtyard off Holly Avenue West, Jesmond it’s actually just at the top of our street yet this was my first visit!

It’s not very often that I get to dine with Mr Gourmands mother, we are usually both very busy but on this rare occasion we decided to visit Firenze

The restaurant is very spacious meaning you are not worried about another table listening in to your conversation and far enough away from any tables with children.

The menu has a good selection of starters, pizza, pasta, meat and fish dishes.

On this occasion we decided to eat from the two dine for £20 menu which includes a Starter, Main and glass of  house wine each.

Mr Gourmands Mum started with the Potato Skins which were accompanied by a Garlic Mayo and Smoked Paprika dip.  The potato skins were delicious and seemed to go on for ever, both of the dips were delicious and it was nice to have a choice of two.

The prawn classic was a twist on the classic dish, salad ingredients were crisp and fresh, prawns were juicy and the sauce tasted home made.

The dish was beautifully seasoned and quite filling.

Mr Gourmands mum picked the pan seared chicken breast with creamy leak and parmesan sauce served with hand cut chips.  After eating the mountain of potato skins she wished the dish had come with vegetables but that didn’t stop her finishing the deliciously sweet chips.

The chicken was perfectly cooked and the sauce was delicious.

My main course was the Tuscan lamb stew served on creamed potatoes, this was a filling dish, a very filling dish. The flavours were amazing, the lamb was tender and abundant and the mash was delicious.

I only actually managed to eat half of the dish unfortunately, If Mr Gourmand had been with me I know he would have finished it off for me!

We finished off our meal with two coffees which were kindly topped up once we had finished.  I would not hesitate to visit Firenze again and need to arrange a date with Mr Gourmand.

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