Fresh Week Day 2


Today marks day 2 of fresh week and I am handing the blog over to Mini Gourmand as she has been cooking at school today and therefore dinner has been prepared by her hands so it’s only fair.


At school today we made bolognese. It was fairly straight forward for me as I’ve made it before and I felt clever that I was making tonight’s tea so I was looking forward to tasting it.


500g of minced beef/quorn.

1 red pepper.

3 small mushrooms.

1 carrot.

1 white onion.

2 cloves of garlic.

2 tbsp tomato purée.

1 tin of chopped tomatoes.

2 shakes of Italian herbs.

So all we had was some instructions on the board with no demonstration we just had to get on with what we thought was right.

Step one: Chop up the vegetables: finely evenly chop the pepper,mushroom,garlic and onion and add each to the pan.(the onion and garlic first)

Step 2: After the vegetables have had a good sauté, add the minced meat and cook until brown and looks cooked.

Step 3: After the mince and vegetables are fully cooked add your tomato purée and chopped tomatoes. Then after two minutes add your seasoning.

Step 4: Leave the sauce to simmer and cook for a extra 20 minutes on a low heat and then its ready to serve.

Lucie’s Bolognese looked delicious so I thought I would make some garlic and herb potatoes to go with the dish.


If you are taking part in Fresh Week what dishes did you cook today?  There is still time to take part if you would like to, just head over to the Fresh Week website and make your pledge don’t forget you could win a Fresh Express and a Vegetable box!


Every day this week  I will be posting my daily meals and some recipes to give readers inspiration, why not take a look at my fellow Tefal Innovation Panellists pledges?

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*Disclaimer – Although I am a Tefal Innovation panelist my thoughts about fresh week and the Tefal products received are my own and any reviews will be honest and impartial. *

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