Kitchen Wishlist

Lifestyle bazaar is one of my favourite internet shopping sites, I love the diverse and quirky pieces you can pick up, I’ve listed below my current wishlist and the items I’m currently loving.


Inkhead mug designed by Florian Hutter £16.50

Inkhead Bread plate designed by Florian Hutter £47.00

Pip cocktail stirrer by Koziol £9.25

Ao-chin Tray £118.00

Blaue Blume tea pot designed by Tina Tsang £59.95

Estetico Quotidiano Milk Jug designed by Selab & A. Zambelli for Seletti £11.95

Could you imagine using any of these items in your kitchen?

Every item featured is available to purchase from

*I was not paid to write this wishlist, it was written as a customer who loves the website*

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  1. I love the Tea pot so much. The entire collection by her is stunning. We’re so pleased that you love lifestylebazaar, I’ll make sure that we keep you up-to-date with all things blogger-related in the future and hopefully see you at one of our events.

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