The Moorings – Leamington Spa

We first visited The Moorings 2.5 years ago when I was contemplating moving to Warwickshire, not knowing the area at all we had asked someone for a recommendation of somewhere nice to go for lunch with an interesting view and was told that there was no better place than The Moorings.

I’ve lived in Leamington Spa for two years now and The Moorings is still one of my favourite places to take visiting family and friends, I love to sit outside and look at the canal and on a colder day it’s just nice to sit and chat inside enjoying the comfortable surroundings and of course the food is pretty special too.

Grandma is currently visiting us and at the weekend we decided to take a stroll along the canal which of course just happened to take up to The Moorings. Grandpa Gourmand swears this wasn’t pre-planned but I’m not so sure.



Once we had ordered and received our drinks and had finally decided what we wanted to eat we were presented with a fabulous bread and olive board which was compliments of the house.  I’ve spoken on numerous occasions about how little touches make you want to return somewhere for food or drinks and this little touch was one of them.  A couple of wedges of bread and a spoonful of olives doesn’t cost much at all and it always surprises me how many places charge for such a small thing.  In many of the European countries we have visited, a small bread board, bowl of olives or plate of cheese and mustard is standard.



The first time we visited The Moorings Grandpa Gourmand had ordered the Ploughmans (£9.50) and he enjoyed it so much that he ordered it again this time.  A couple of things really stood out for all of us, first of all the boiled egg had a runny yoke which doesn’t happen often enough for Grandpa Gourmands liking, secondly the slices of pork pie and Wookey Hole cheddar were certainly not scrimped on which again is unusual.  The ploughmans comes with a choice of chips or soup of the day which during our visit was mushroom and tarragon.  This is the second time Grandpa Gourmand has ordered soup as his side and each time it has been creamy and delicious.

Although I don’t eat pork I would be tempted to order the ploughmans for the pickled onions alone which for me are the best thing about the whole platter, next time I might just order a bowl for myself.

Beef Burger Bacon Relish


Grandma ordered The Moorings homemade cheeseburger (£10.95) which was served with bacon jam, pickles and chips.  Grandma was asked if she would like her burger pink or well done which I’ve only seen happen once before, the pink option was selected because let’s be honest if you’re eating good quality meat you want to be able to enjoy it don’t you and not have to eat through an inedible piece of charcoal.

Grandma declared that this was probably the nicest burger she had eaten, she loved the addition of bacon jam which added a whole different flavour level to the burger.

Crayfish sandwich Crayfish Sandwich Doorstop


I wasn’t really in the mood for something huge as I had eaten quite a large breakfast so I thought a sandwich would be a good option. How wrong I was.  I ordered the Crayfish sandwich (£7.50) which like the ploughmans came with a choice of Chips or soup of the day, I picked the chips.

I’ve taken a side view just so you can see how huge the sandwich was!  I managed to eat half of this mammoth doorstop and had to ask for the other half to be wrapped up so I could take it home.  I don’t think I’ve ever been defeated by a sandwich before and even Grandpa Gourmand agreed that he probably would have struggled too.

The sandwich was actually really delicious, the lemon mayonnaise really complemented the rocket and crayfish and gave a lighter taste to the filling, I could have done without the chips if I’m honest but I doubt I would have finished the other half without them.

If you’re going for a stroll along the canal in Leamington I would definitely recommend popping in to the moorings for a drink or bite to eat, you can find The Moorings on Myton Road in Leamington Spa.

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