Pacific bar / café – Newcastle upon Tyne

If you read my post on the New Zealand Gourmet Pie Company then you will know how much of a fan I am of these delicious pies. I was aware that Pacific bar / café were stocking these pies so I dragged Mr Gourmand along for a little tasting session as I was eager to see how they compared in a real world experiment
Pacific bar is located on 12-22 Northumberland Road which is just off Newcastle city centres main shopping street Northumberland Street.
We arrived at the huge glass fronted 3 storey bar at 12.00pm on a weekday, the place was empty but that was to be expected as Pacific is a sports bar and it was probably a little early for sports enthusiasts. The décor both outside and inside is looking a little tired but at the time of visiting there did seem to be some sort of building work being carried out.
The deal on offer was a pie and a pint of real ale for £4.00 and to be honest it’s a pretty good deal considering most sandwiches in the city centre cost almost £4.00 and that’s without a drink!
We both agreed it would be good to order the pie’s we had tasted at home to compare but unfortunately they had completely sold out of the Steak and Cheese which is a very good sign! Mr Gourmand opted for the Thai Chicken Curry pie and I stuck with the Minted Lamb pie which I loved the first time around.

Both myself and Mr Gourmand enjoy real ale but I think it’s important to point out that this deal does not cover lager or soft drinks which I think is a shame as pubs that do a similar food and drink offer like Wetherspoons and Yates offer a selection of drinks.

Minted Lamb
I am pleased to report that the pie’s tasted exactly like they did at home, they were cooked to perfection and served halved on a plate with a napkin but no knife and fork, remember that these pies are best eaten by hand!  If you want to read my original review on the minted lamb pie you can find it here.
Thai Chicken Curry
The Thai Chicken Curry pie was again jammed packed with filling, the delicious coconut flavours were the first to tickle the taste buds followed by the sweetness of the sweet potato. Amazingly it wasn’t spicy like a traditional Thai Curry yet managed to retain all the essential flavourings, again this pie did not disappoint.
So good were these pie’s that Mr Gourmand has started pretending to be a sports enthusiast so he can visit again, I’m on to him though, he isn’t clever enough to outsmart me. I hope to see the New Zealand Gourmet Pie Company selling in more varied establishments in the future where I will definitely be ordering these again.

The New Zealand Gourmet Pie website is now up and running and can be found here.  Pacific is open from 12 – Midnight Monday – Sunday.  Children are welcome until 6pm

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