Poached Eggs

After my disastrous breakfast of Poached Eggs at Cafe Royal a friend challenged me to try to do a better job myself, I love a challenge so here is my take on Poached Eggs.

I read a blog post last week where the writer had found a simple way of making poached eggs leaving a clean pan in the process

The first step is to line a ramekin or small bowl with cling film

The next step is to crack an egg into the ramekin, twist the cling film to ensure the egg is secure

Place the eggs in a pan of boiling water and boil until cooked

Place the eggs on buttered toast,muffin or bagel


Not that I’m biased but these poached eggs were delicious!

The bread was a rustic loaf from the French Oven

The eggs were Old Cotswold Legbar, my favourites!

How adorable are the Pastel shells!

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