Puccini – Newcastle upon Tyne

Puccini is a quirky little Italian Restaurant found just off the Bigg Market in Newcastle’s city centre, no matter if you dine on a lunch time or evening, the restaurant is always full which speaks for itself.

There is nothing opulent about Puccini, instead you have character, from the friendly staff to the LED lights that adorn the celling.

Sometimes when we are going out for food, we crave something deep fried and rather than have a dish each we decided to share the Combi for 2 (£8.35) which is a huge platter filled with Garlic mushrooms, deep fried breaded mozzarella, crispy Potato skins & chicken goujons, served with a garlic Mayonnaise & a spicy tomato salsa.  My favourite part of this starter was the Garlic mushrooms and from the fork fighting that was going on between myself and Mr Gourmand I figured the Garlic Mushrooms were his favourite too!

Mr Gourmand decided to show off with his main course, choosing the Volcano Pizza (£6.95).  A pizza base topped with: hot chilli beef, peppers, jalapenos, garlic, ham & mushrooms topped with another pizza base, sealed & baked with a topping of hot chilli tomato sauce; this was not a pizza for the faint hearted and after eating half of the pizza Mr Gourmand admitted defeat and had to take the remainder home!

To spare Mr Gourmands blushes, the waiter admitted only one or two people had ever finished this monster pizza.  Since this night, the Volcano has developed quite a fearsome reputation and a number of friends claim to be able to conquer the pizza, one friend has even staked claim to slaying the mighty beast, although no evidence was provided so this is yet to be confirmed.

After the hefty started I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat a full pizza or pasta so I chose the ½ Bolognaise pizza with chips (£4.95) Puccini’s pizza’s are always delicious, a thin base, not too much cheese, a sprinkling of herbs and a good amount of topping.  This did not disappoint and unlike Mr Gourmand I managed to finish my meal!

Puccini, 29 Pudding Chare, Newcastle upon Tyne

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  1. Joan johnson says:

    I agree, this restaurant and service are both excellent and the price is very good.

  2. Carla says:

    My favourite Italian in Newcastle! 😀 Also check out the dessert selection if you’re not too stuffed next time – I had the tiramisu and my dad had the cappuccino ice cream, and they were both amazing!

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