Revolution Newcastle

I’m a terrible sucker for advertising, I get drawn in all of the time, especially when I’m offered a bargain.  A text from Revolution informing me that Mega Monday’s at Revolution bar offered 50% off food all day was just the ammunition I needed to grab Mr Gourmand and our friend Peter and head down for lunch.

I had only previously eaten at Revolution once with my friend Juliet, the food was decent but it was the cocktails that really sold the place to me.

After browsing the menu and being torn between a couple of dishes, I decided to go for the Peppered steak and cheese Denver fries.  (£8.25) ( approx £4.12 with discount)   When the dish arrived I have to admit I was slightly disappointed as it looked very dry, I had expected a rich pepper sauce that coated the fries and steak, maybe they forgot to include the sauce? either way it prompted me to do something I very rarely do and I’m actually ashamed to say I did it!  I added ketchup!

The steak wasn’t good, it tasted a little like liver, needless to say I ate the fries and left the rest!

I’m very glad that I had the sense to order a side of onion rings (£1.95)  The onion rings were actually rather nice, the batter was crispy and the onions inside were cooked well.

Peter chose the guacamole and bacon burger  (£8.95) (approx £4.47 after discount) which came with a side of fries and coleslaw.  Peter had no complaints about the dish and polished it off in record time!

Mr Gourmand picked the Chicken Katsu (£8.95) (approx £4.47 after discount), it was a choice prompted by food envy after glancing at the table next to us!  The salad was dressed well and was a delicious accompaniment to the dish,  Mr Gourmand did have one criticism though, there was not enough sauce to go with the dish.

The three meals, pint of san miguel, pint of lemonade and a lime and soda came to £20.47  which I thought was really good value for money even though I wasn’t too impressed with my meal.

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