Spring Event at Newcastle Malmaison

Back in April I was kindly invited to the Newcastle Malmaison to attend a Spring Event, the event was a thank you to business customers who use the hotel on a regular basis, it’s a great way for the hotel to make customers aware of what they can offer and give other business in the area a chance to show their wares so to speak.

I did write a post on my Lifestyle Blog but wanted to save the food and drink for a separate post as I feel it deserves at least that.

The Malmaison do everything to a high standard especially their cocktails which are spectacular, I’ve had many different cocktails now in the Newcastle Mal and each one has been delicious.

The bar staff at Newcastle Mal were kind enough to make my friend Katie a non alcoholic cocktail which looked and tasted just as delicious as the alcoholic cocktails.

The seating areas at the Newcastle Mal are designed in such a way that makes them perfect for both a secluded private chat or a large group gathering.  The seats are all extremely comfortable and the views over the River Tyne are beautiful.

As far as Buffets go the Newcastle Mal did an excellent job at keeping the guests happy, choices ranged from mini cheeseburgers to finger sandwiches (crusts removed)

There was a wide range of desserts on offer, unfortunately I got swayed by the make up and only managed to take one picture.  The brownies and flapjacks pictured were to die for!

As always the wine was flowing and I imagine there was some very sore heads the next morning (Not mine may I add)

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