The Mogul Raj – Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne

The Mogul Raj Restaurant is a hidden gem of an eatery located on a 1980’s, tired and dreary looking shopping area made up of ever fish and chip shops, hardware stores and charity shops.  We have been visiting the Mogul Raj on and off since 2004 and have experienced excellent takeaway and sit-in meals as happy customers.

On entering the restaurant you would not be mistaken to think you have found yourself in someone’s sitting room as the waiting area does have that homely feel to it.  Once you have been greeted and you request a table and not a takeaway menu you are taken through to the restaurant where the tables are always beautifully laid with crystal wine glasses, flowers and decorative cutlery.  It would seem that the phrase ‘service with a smile’ came about after a visit to the Mogul Raj as the waiters can never be seen without a smile on their faces.

The menu is vast and consists of a good range of starters and main courses from traditional Indian cuisine through to the more impressive chef specials.  After being seated you are immediately asked if you would like pickles and popadoms, which we never refuse.

On this occasion I started with Bhuna prawn on puri (£3.50) which filled the plate, the prawns were beautifully spiced and left a delicious flavour in the mouth.  One thing I love about the Mogul Raj is the lemon squeezer that accompanies certain starters, it’s the attention to detail that sets this place apart from the rest.

Mr Gourmand started with Bhuna Lamb on puri (£3.75) which in his owns words was “absolutely unbelievable”.  It looked and tasted outstanding, full of flavour, and if one gripe was allowed it would be that it was actually too big for a starter! Amazing, I know.

My favourite dish from the Mogul Raj is the Raj Cabbage and Potato Curry (£6.45) which is cooked with cabbage, potatoes, green pepper, onions, green chilli and ghee and is a mouth-watering experience.  I am no vegetarian but this dish could turn me!  The flavours go together in a spectacular way, I can do the dish no favours by describing it the only thing I can suggest you do is go there and try it for yourself.  I’ve never actually seen this dish anywhere else before which I always find strange as it’s so delicious.

Mr Gourmand went for The Mogul Raj Special Chicken Keema as a main course which was beautifully spiced meal and complimented the Raj Cabbage perfectly.

Much to my objection Mr Gourmand was desperate to try the Garlic and Chilli Nan (£2.40) Although it was delicious it was just a little too spicy for me so I left him to finish it off, which even he couldn’t.

The Vegetable Pilao (£2.95) is always a must to accompany any meal, always delicious and never disappoints.

After you finish your meal you are always presented with a lemon scented hot towel, again it’s the little things that make this place so special and after eight mints are given with the bill.


The restaurant offers a Thursday and Sunday special banquet from 6.30pm – 10.00pm where you can have any starter, any main course, plain pilao rice, a side/sundry between two and a dessert for £10.95 per person.

The Mogul Raj, 15 Merton Way, Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne

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