Tiger Tiger – Newcastle upon Tyne

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Situated just outside of the Gate in Newcastle upon tyne, Tiger Tiger is a Bar, restaurant and nightclub, very popular with stag and hen parties and couples.

After our first successful meal at Tiger Tiger We managed to book another night when there was 50% off all drinks and food until 10pm which couldn’t be missed!

The menu hadn’t changed since our last visit and to my delight neither had the cocktail menu!

Mr Gourmand started with the Smokey Barbeque Chicken Wings with shredded chillies (£4.50) which came with a sour cream dip and crudités.  There was a mountain of chicken wings which Mr Gourmand ploughed through in record time, he would have liked a finger bowl as the wings were very messy.

I started with the Sesame and Beer Battered Tiger Prawns (£6.00) which if you read my last post you will recall Mr Gourmand had as his starter last time.  My prawns came on a bed of egg noodles, mange tout and  lemongrass in a lime & chilli dressing.  The plate was beautifully presented but very different from the time Mr Gourmand had them, I got fresh chilli on my prawns which added extra kick to the dish.  The prawns were delicious, and as Mr Gourmand didn’t share his with me when he had them, I returned the favour!

Mr Gourmands main course was the Pan Seared Salmon (£13.00) which was served with coriander & chilli cous cous and wood roasted peppers.  The dish was beautifully presented and the colours were so vibrant.  It tasted superb with very fresh flavours and a feel good factor you get when eating something relatively healthy.

I choose the Spiced Chicken fajitas (£12.00) which were served with flash fried vegetables, soft flour tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, chunky salsa and grated cheese.  This was a mountain of food, far too much for one woman even if she is a self confessed gourmand, I was thankfull on this occasion that Mr Gourmand chose such a light meal so he could help me out!  Although delicious and well worth the price, the meal would have suited two rather than one.

Because he was wearing his stretchy eating trousers Mr gourmand went all out and ordered a dessert, the Caramelised Orange Cheesecake (£4.50) which came with a shot of hot chocolate, this was no ordinary hot chocolate, this was melted chocolate served hot!  I fear he ordered this on purpose as he knows Chocolate and Orange together trigger my migraines so I was only able to sample the delicious hot chocolate.

Including copious amounts of wine and alcohol, the bill came to £61.00

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