YO! Sushi

When it comes to fast food, YO! Sushi is probably Mini Gourmand’s favourite.

Blue Monday’s are my favourite time to visit as a selection of dishes are discounted to £2.40 per plate.

I don’t really have too much to say about YO! Sushi, the food is standard and quite expensive for what you get.

Having said that, I do love the hairy prawns and squid!

Here is a selection of the food that Mini Gourmand and I consumed during our last visit.

Spicy Chicken ISO. Crispy chicken, katsu sauce and shichimi powder (Japanese chilli). (£3.00)

Duck Gyoza & Moromi Miso. Duck dumplings with moromi miso sauce.  (£4.00)

 Spicy Pepper Squid. Hot coils of spicy pepper squid topped with red chilli. (£3.50)

Hairy Prawns. Prawns wrapped in kadaifi pastry with wasabi mayonnaise. (£4.00)

Spicy Chicken. Spicy chicken salad with ginger and garlic  (£3.50)

Crispy Duck Futomaki.  Shredded duck, sliced cucumber and spring onion with moromi miso sauce (£4.00)

Mini Gourmand enjoying the fresh fruit which contains Strawberries, Grapes, Pineapple and Melon (£3.00)

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  1. 00gander says:

    I think the food at Yo Sushi is good but it hammers home the truth about J-food in the UK: like Tapas, you won’t leave full and neither will your wallet.
    I was once in Ueno in Tokyo and went to an awesome all you can eat sushi place under the Shinkansen tracks where you thought there was an earthquake every time a train went above. It was served on huge platters by a rather rotund Japanese lady you wouldn’t mess with, for the price of one of the more expensive Yo Sushi dishes. What I like as well is that, with all buffets in Japan, they charge you for any waste.

    All the best, thanks for the review!


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